Crockett board hires new housing director

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - The Crockett Housing Authority board hired a new director.The board voted to hire Odes Bryan as director, who told residents at the meeting the office would be opened on Monday, following training he needed to attend.

The board also decided to fire Ronald Cook, who was head of maintenance. Another maintenance employee, John Pigford, and a security employee, Mike Molnes, were kept on staff after they had a chance to plea their case to stay on staff.

Following one closed session, Pigford and Molnes asked they be given a reason for their termination. The board then went into another closed session with Pigford and Molnes.

John Pigford, maintenance employee with the Housing Authority said, he just wants answers as to why he should be terminated. He adds, "We're left in the dark we don't know anything that's going on."

The board decided publicly not to fire Pigford and Molnes, but Cook who was not present at the meeting was terminated.

The housing authority offices have been closed since last Monday since the board fired Renea Minter as director.

Other former housing employees expressed outraged saying the board and the city are looking for the residents.

One attendee stood before the board and said, " These  people's {resident and employees} homes are all on the line because of you, {pointing to the members of the board} you, and I'm sorry you."