A fresh start for Tenaha

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

TENAHA, TX (KTRE) - This spring, tragedy struck Tenaha when three elementary students were hit by a pick-up truck, killing two of them. Just when the community was picking-up the pieces, tragedy struck again, taking the life of another student. Though the town has seen dark times, there is something giving the town hope.

School administrators, teachers and students say the construction of the high school is more than just a new facility. It's a sign of moving forward.

Tenaha coach Laura Walker is new in town. Though her new town has gone through dark times, Walker said this is not only a fresh start for her, but others at Tenaha.

"For such a small town to have to go through that and I think with the facility it's kind of a new beginning," said Walker.

The high school is half way completed. Students said it's a step closer to moving forward. "After what happened I think it could probably get their minds off of it," said Jose Leos, 10th grade student.

"It was pretty different," said Johnathan Watson, 10th grade student. "It was new having a new building and all. It's been an experience."

High school principal Scott Tyner said he's elated to watch this eight million dollar project unfold. "To have a new facility to move into, it helps with anything like that, to have something new to look at," said Tyner.

Students said there's something about a new classroom that makes school exciting. "The rooms are real nice, I do like those," said Watson. "Getting out of our junior high building that's real nice too."

But what are students really looking forward to? "Probably the cafeteria...having a bigger cafeteria," answered Watson.

"Is going to be really neat playing in a new gym," said Jasmine Ivy, 11th grade student. "We got a new basketball coach so, very excited."

Walker said she plans to stick around. "My husband and I want to raise our kids in a small town so I mean we may be here forever, who knows," said Walker with a smile.

Where this town's optimism spreads, no one knows.

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