Restaurant Report- Angelina County- 8/27/09

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Dirty ice machines and roaches in some East Texas eateries were uncovered during the latest Angelina County & Cities Health District survey.

Save-A-Lot Grocery and Meat Market at 734 South Timberland Drive received 14 demerits.  The store had dirty cooler floors and needed to clean the storage area and reach-in coolers.  It was also noted that end camps must fit the protective light shields.  The inspector found roaches and a hole in the freight door.  Floor tiles in the restroom also needed to be cleaned and repaired.

Mom's Diner at 900 West Frank Street received 8 demerits.  The health inspector found the prep table was at the improper temperature.  Mom's Diner also needed to clean the floors and exterminate.

Baymont Seafood at 1903 South First Street received 8 demerits.  All 30+ days employees should have proper food handler certification.  The restaurant needs to seal the peep hole in the back door.  Ice scoops must have a handle.  The health inspector also also noted that seafood needs to be thawed properly.  Food items also needed to be discarded.

The Timberland Chevron at 804 North Timberland Drive received 7 demerits.  The inspector noted that an ACCHD food manager needs to be on site at all times.  The ice scoop was stored improperly.

The Crown Colony Food Mart at 101 Champions Drive received 6 demerits.  Towels were needed in the men's and women's restrooms.  The ice machine also needed to be cleaned.  The health inspector also discovered that the hand sink and drink machines needed cleaning.

Subway at 1607 West Frank netted 4 demerits from health inspectors. Bare wood needed to be removed from the cooler and freezer.  Corrosion on the back door also requires attention. Inspectors also found debris in the sanitize compartment.

The Meadows recieved 3 demerits. The ice machine needed cleaning.

The Slack Elementary Cafeteria on 1305 Fuller Springs recieved 3 demerits. The bottom of doors needed to be sealed.

Owen's Night Club at 813 Kelty's received 3 demerits for a hole in the ladies restroom wall.

Club Alibi at 104 1/2 Burke Avenue received 3 demerits.  The inspector noted that the club needed to remove unused equipment.

Congratulations to these restaurants for receiving zero demerits: Zest-E-Burger, Tasty Kream Donuts, and Logan's Roadhouse.

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