Bald Hill church celebrates 95th anniversary

By Holley Nees - bio | email

BALD HILL, TX (KTRE) - It's offered prayers and help to East Texans for almost a century. Sunday, members of Bald Hill Baptist Church, between Lufkin and Huntington, celebrated the church's 95th anniversary.

"I've seen a little building, we've built a big building," Bald Hill Baptist Member Dorothy Lowery Dorsett said.

Dorsett has been coming to the church since she was 3. She's now 75.

"My mother was a Sunday school teacher here for years my father was the deacon here," Dorsett said.  "We did not have church until the afternoon.  The preacher from the First Baptist Church in Lufkin came and preached at 2:00 p.m. at our church and that's how we started out until we could hire a pastor."

Since then they've had more than 50 pastors. Current Pastor Roger Fancher said he's only been here about four years, but he plans on sticking around.

"I'll be here until they run me off," Fancher said.

Fancher said rural churches like Bald Hill Baptist don't always make it and have a hard time keeping pastors because the church can't afford to pay them enough to live on.

"The small rural churches are fading out in some ways," Fancher said.

One of the former pastors, Charles Herrington, came back for the anniversary to preach.

"This church is very dear to my heart, It's a home away from home," said Herrington.  "My kids were baptized here, saved here, my youngest two were born here, they were dedicated here."

"Well the Lord had a hand in it and seeing that we did the right thing,"Dorsett said.

As the young and old heard another Sunday message, they listened knowing that they are a part of a historic church.

"We've come a long ways," smiled Dorsett, and she hopes the church has a long way to go.

Dorsett said she's already planning to be at the church for their 100th anniversary.

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