SFA first day meant standing in line for some

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - SFA financial aid employees worked both Saturday and Sunday solving money problems for students. They're still at it. "I've never seen this line like this. Usually you can go right on in," Debbie Smith, a student's mom commented. She stood in line so her son could go to class.

Freshmen enrollment is expected to be up and based on last year's loans, more families are needing financial aid. "we indicate there are $111-million in financial aid was dispersed to students and early indication are that we will exceed that amount this year," Mike O'Rear, SFA financial aid director explained.

In addition few independent banks are providing financial aid loans. The credit crisis has destroyed profits. Federal monies are still available, even though the check may still be in the mail. "I'm just checking to see how long it will take for my financial aid to kick in. There was a bit of miscommunication," freshman Ambrosia Collins explained.

Other students are just wanting a place to sleep. A housing crunch put some student three to a room.  "They're not going to move the third person until two or three weeks after school starts," Amanda Christoffersen was told Monday afternoon. The official word from administration is the wait will be much less. "By the end of this week everybody will be in their permanent room," Bob Wright, university spokesman said.

Other than the first week hassles, university life appears to have picked up where it left off in the spring. On the quad students socialized, checked out the campus organizations and hurried to class.

Thursday is the last day to register for a class. The final fall enrollment numbers should be available sometime after the 12th day, on September 16th.

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