911 addressing coordinator busy finding you

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - In a back courthouse office where few people go is John Streeb and his maps. "Anything you can plot on a map, I can plot here on a digital map,"  explained Streeb from his post in front of a computer holding digital maps.

The SFA trained gis technician is using the latest technology for a bird's eye view on Nacogdoches County homes and properties. "Just recently we got these aerial photographs, that we can actually from the office, see where people are and really line things up within a few feet even," illustrated Streeb.

It's not an effort to be nosy, but a tool for Streeb's other job. He's also the county's new 911 addressing coordinator. "Thanks to new technology we can easily correct mistakes made on original 911 maps. In some instances, the maps have homes on wrong side of the road or miles off from its location," Streeb said. The process was once done by the Columbia Center. Deep East Texas Council of Governments oversees the Regional 911 Emergency Number Services.

The same mapping found in Streeb's office is also found in every law enforcement patrol car. No more fighting a big paper map.  Officers use a computer.   "It helps out in a way if you don't know where a certain road is or something," Russell Wright, deputy constable for pct. 1 said.  "You can pull it up on the computer instead of pulling out your map and having to look at it that way."

Precinct maps are climbing Streeb's best seller list in preparation for the November election. In his office is a printer holding six print cartridges and up to a 100 foot of paper. Once programmed it begins to spit out a wide selection of maps for all kinds of purposes.

The Nacogdoches County GIS and 911 addressing will produce, print and sell a variety of maps, sizes and qualities for a fee. It will also work on special projects or process data for a labor fee, pending no emergencies or life safety issues.

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