New Director has residents hoping changes coming soon

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Myron Collins says money is tight for him and he needs an affordable home. He was supposed to be on the list for housing but he found out that wasn't the case. "I was told that my name, I guess was taken off the list," said Collins.

Collins says before the Housing Authority closed his name was on the list.  Collins explains, "Before they closed down I talked to one of the lades that was here and she told me my name was number 2 or 3 on the list."

He says he doesn't understand what happened. "I'm frustrated because the process I had to go through to get on the list in the first place I have to go through again and I don't think that's fair at all," he said.

John Pigford, a former maintenance worker said, he's also frustrated with the Housing Authority. Last Tuesday, the housing board said he would not be fired from his job, but Tuesday he learned that he was fired.  Pigford explains in disbelief, "Well he tells me to find another job so I takke that as firing, so I tell him {Executive Director} I'm going to quit. I'm feeling like I've been thoroughly betrayed."

We tried to speak with Odes Bryan, the new Interim Eecutive Director for the Crockett Housing Authority but he declined comment. And while residents come to drop off their rent checks they can't help but complain.

Donald Davis, has lived in the projects for years, he said, "Say the commode stopped OR something and that's the Housting Authority problem, shaking his head) they can't it fix, you either have to pay the rent, and they still won't fix it."

They're hoping the new director will "patch up" the housing authority problems.

"Yeah, I hope he {Bryan} do put a lot of people in some houses cause its too many people running around here without a house and they have kids," said Davis.

We are told that Bryan has 22 years in housing authority experience. He serves as director of the Alto Housing Authority.

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