Large Area Covered by Debris

KTRE has received hundreds of telephone calls from people throughout our viewing area.

Debris has been found in Cherokee, Nacogdoches, and Sabine Counties. A large concentration of debris is in San Augustine County.

Local residents have recovered items like huge pieces of metal believed to have been part of the space shuttle, pieces of what appears to be a control panel, a helmet that may have belonged to one of the crew members, and what appears to be a test tube or vial.

In Plankland in Sabine County, what appears to be part of a leg was discovered earlier today. Law enforcement authorities are securing areas where body parts have been found. NASA officials will determine where the body parts will be taken.

There have been more than 800 confirmed pieces of debris on Nacogdoches County, 500 of them in the city of Nacogdoches itself. The airport has been quarantined and an emergency response plan is in motion.