Residents' Close Calls

Many people woke up to a loud noise and fallen debris all over front yards, back yards, and even in their homes after the space shuttle Columbia broke apart during it re-entry into the atmosphere.

No one could explain what was happening, but one thing's for sure, people were scared.

"Yes we were scared," said Mauricio Gonzalez, resident. "My son was trembling. He was sitting down trembling. He was sitting on the floor where the piece fell.

No one knew what was falling out of the sky.

"I went outside and found this thing and I thought that my grandson got into something, he always gets into things," said William King who handled some of the debris. "But, when I picked up, I saw it was heavy so I laid it back down."

Even after William handled the debris, he was in no hurry to get to the emergency room.

"People have been trying to get me into the hospital for 30 minutes," said King, who

finally did the right thing, and went to the hospital.

With the debris falling all over East Texas, property and residents had close calls. Including this piece that fell in the middle of downtown Nacogdoches, and for some residents say the debris came too close.
"It sounded like someone was on top of my roof," said Bonnie Kerr, who was almost hit by debris. "I went across to mail some letters and some metal fell right in front of me. I didn't know where it came from."

Remember: If you find a piece of debris, do not touch it. Call a non-emergency number to get authorities out to the location. If you have handled debris then you need to go out to the emergency room.