Search For Astronaut Remains Continues

The search has been extensive throughout East Texas. Law enforcement officials, federal agents and volunteers are looking frantically to find what ever remains of the space shuttle Columbia and it's crew. With the debris of the shuttle spread over an area 100 miles long and 10 miles wide, the task seemed at first to be daunting. Then the search crews received some news.

"The kids rode up on the four-wheelers about that time and said that there's a human leg out there in the field," said Tammy White of Hemphill.

Tammy White's ranch was one of 4 areas where body parts were found throughout the day. Her sons were the first to spot the leg and soon alerted law enforcement to the wreckage.

Search crews are no where near finding all of astronauts at this point but they are receiving help from area residents.

Bradley Pinkston and his neighbors say that search crews may have found body parts on his parents land.

"They haven't confirmed it yet," said Pinkston of Nacogdoches. "We left while they were searching but I have heard that they found something out there."

Hazard Mitigation officials will not confirm any human remains have been found in Nacogdoches as of yet but they also know this search is a long way from being over and expect the search could go for several days.