Bush Hears Prayers for Shuttle Victims

Washington-AP -- President Bush has been hearing words of prayer this morning for the astronauts who were on board the shuttle Columbia.

During a service at a church near the White House, Bush bowed his head as a minister said, "God's heart is more heartbroken than our own."

The Reverend Luis Leon said the shuttle astronauts represented the explorer's spirit in every person. And he added, "Let us pray for that spirit to be kept alive in us."

He said he had heard some people offer the view that the breakup of the shuttle was "God's way of getting back at us" for Bush's policies toward Iraq.

The minister said, "That's just garbage."

Instead, he said, the fate of the shuttle was "the price we paid for exploration."

A guest minister later read the names of the shuttle crew members, and asked that church-goers pray for them.

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