H1N1: Prepare, but don't panic

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Houston County Judge Lonnie Hunt wants East Texans to know that H1N1 flu could be serious.  He said, "It's better to keep folks informed."

The more you know about the virus the better of you'll be. "There will be less panic and less confusion if the citizens know what's going on," explains the Judge.

"The big unknown now is whether its going to become severe as far as the illness itself and really don't know," he adds.

Even though many of the current H1N1 cases in East Texas are mild, but Hunt urges people to start their prevention plan now.

"Folks right now need to prepare to be home sick because if you come down with the flu, you may not be able to go out to the grocery store or wherever else you may need to go."

And some residents agree preparation is the best way to protect against H1N1.

Crockett resident Donald James said, "It's like preventative maintenance they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, why wait for then when you can do now to have everyone prepared."

Knowing who is recommended to be vaccinated will help doctors treat those with the greatest need.

"Educate people so we won't be wasting the medical professions time asking for something we really shouldn't be getting, said Gail Matthews, a Crockett resident.

So be safe and prepared.

Trinia James, Crockett resident said, "I rather be well prepared than to be prepared not at all, I rather have something turn out so tragically than for it to turn out tragically and I did nothing about it."

For more information about H1N1 go to www.texasflu.org

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