Restaurant Report-Angelina County-September 10, 2009

Earth's Angels Academy received twenty-one demerits. They need to store meat and vegetable items seperatly and cover the food with a clean and unbroken wrapper. Towels were needed again at the hand sink, this is a repeat violation. The rinse compartment was contaminated with dirty dishes. A citation was issued for the repeat violation as well.

The Subway on Champions Drive received eleven demerits. The pepperoni and salami were both stored at improper temperatures. The rinse compartment of the sink needs to be cleared of any food or debris. The inside of the microwave also needs to be cleaned.

Taco Bell on First Street got seven demerits. They need to clean the floors throughout the restaurant. The food equipment and utensils need to be cleaned and sanitized. The men's rest room also needed cleaning.

The Whataburger at N. Timberland received three demerits. The utensils may not sit in standing water.

The Downtown Cafe on First Street received twenty two demerits. They need to clean under the kitchen equipment, and declutter the shelves inside the kitchen and clean or remove the equipment. They need to seal the gap at the corners of the back doors and clean under the shelves. Also, the ice scoop needs to be stored properly.

Congratulations to the following restaurants, they all received zero demerits this week. Angelina College Cafe, Stevens Catering, Hole In One Cafe, and Texas Bible College.