Colorow Creek

Story by Jessica Cervantez

With Nacogdoches being the Oldest Town in Texas you are sure to find great places to visit throughout the surrounding counties. One little known place is the Colorow Creek.

"There are places like this (Colorow Creek) all over East Texas for people to camp on, hike and enjoy," said Diane Avriett.

Colorow Creek is located in Sabine National Forest. It's unusual for it's Beech trees, which are used for the inside of musical instruments. One other significant treasure is the 20 foot canyon.

"It's rock, it's about two feet across and 20 feet deep. The banks are covered with ferns," said Jim Lemon. "This is a proposed scenic area which means they are considering whether they are going to save it or not."

The closer inside you are the darker it becomes. It's a peaceful place where you can take a hike, and bring children to enjoy.

It deserves all the attention and protection it can find.

If you like the outdoors, and you like hidden treasure, Colorow Creek will fascinate you.