Lufkin Police warn of "Pigeon Drop" scam artists

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The pigeon drop scam is one of the oldest and most successful scams in history.  Most of the time when KTRE does this story we're telling you about someone who has fallen victim to the scam, this time, we have the story of a man who spotted the scam, alerted the police so that they could warn you.

Police say a man with a strong foreign accent (possibly African) asked for a ride from the Sam's Club parking lot.  During the ride he flashed a large sum of money and tried to talk the driver into withdrawing money from his personal bank.  He didn't do it.

The target of the scam in this case didn't fall for the con and didn't lose money.  "Please be alert for anyone who displays a large sum of money and asks you to withdraw money or match their funds.  This is the second such incident near Sam's Club this year where someone was approached in the parking lot by a black male with a strong foreign (possibly African) accent with a similar story," said LPD Lt. David Young.

If you suspect this type activity, call police.