Widow of Shuttle Commander Says He Wasn't Overly Worried about Danger

Houston-AP -- She says the danger of space flight is "always in the back of your mind" -- but the widow of the shuttle Columbia commander says it didn't preoccupy her or her husband in advance of the ill-fated flight.

Evelyn Husband tells N-B-C that she and her husband Rick had a "great time" in the week before liftoff -- and she's glad they weren't spending their time worrying about the danger.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, she says she and her family have had "incredible" support from NASA. She says her three children are "doing well" -- and that she's trying to let their lives be "as normal as possible."

She says her husband was a religious man -- who, when he signed autographs, always added a bible verse about trusting in the Lord. Evelyn Husband says she doesn't "understand any of this" -- but that her trust in God has been "a tremendous comfort."

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