9/23/09 Lufkin Police Report

Burglary/Vehicle, 1200 Block Andrews Avenue:  Complainant reported that his vehicle was broken into Tuesday night and a CD/DVD player was stolen.

Assault, 2400 Block E Denman Avenue: Complainant reported that a customer at the store she works at slapped her on the behind two different times Tuesday evening.  The complainant found the unwanted touching offensive.

Assault, 400 Block Jack Street:  Mutual assault was reported Tuesday evening by a couple.  The woman hit the man who shoved her down during an argument.

Harassment, 1800 Block Ford Chapel Street:  Complainant reported that she received a phone call from two known suspects who threatened her with bodily harm.

Criminal Mischief, 400 Block S Chestnut Street:  Complainant reported that someone cut a tire on his pickup Tuesday evening.

Criminal Mischief, 900 Block Markus Avenue:  Complainant reported that several eggs were thrown on her car Saturday.  No suspects.

Fraud, 300 Block Champions Drive: Complainant reported that several unauthorized transactions have been made on her debit card after it was lost over the weekend.

Criminal Mischief, 900 Block Clark Street:   Complainant reported that a phone line on the outside of his home was cut Saturday night.

Forgery/Counterfeit,  2100 Block S First Street: Complainant reported that three unauthorized transactions were made on his bank account.

Credit Card Abuse, 300 Block E Shepherd Street: Complainant reported that several unauthorized transactions were made using his debit card after it was lost or stolen last week.

Violation Protective, 100 Block Broaddus Street:  Complainant reported that a known suspect came to her home despite having an active protective order against him to not go near the complainant.

Assault, 1800 Block W Frank Avenue:  Complainant reported that she was knocked unconscious by a known suspect during an assault Sunday afternoon.

Assault/Sexual/Rape, Complainant reported that two men attempted to remove her clothing and sexually assault her at a party early Tuesday morning.  The victim said she was able to flee before any sexual assault took place.  The complainant did not know the men's names.

Criminal Mischief, 200 Block Irving Street:  Complainant reported that two people applied a "sealant" to her driveway without being asked to do so and then demanded payment from the complainant.  The complainant did not pay them any money.

Burglary/Vehicle, 100 Block Cotton Street: Complainant reported that a Honda generator was stolen from the back of his work truck Monday morning.  A witness saw two Hispanic men loading the generator into a brown pickup and leave the area.

Burglary/Vehicle, 1500 Block E Lufkin Avenue:  Complainant reported that her car was broken into Monday night and some stereo equipment was stolen.

Burglary, 4600 Block S Medford Drive:   Complainant reported that a bag containing two digital cameras was stolen from his pickup Monday afternoon.

Theft, 600 Block S Bynum Street: Complainant reported that a soda vending machine was stolen from his store Monday night.  The machine was later located abandoned at Jones and Ford Chapel.