Don't pave the path for creative scam artists

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Police said a woman got a new driveway that she didn't even ask for, and believe it or not, the scammers demanded payment.

"It was just a really scary deal," said a woman who wishes to remain anonymous said she didn't agree to.

"I thought it was the city," she said. "Maybe they were going to fix my street. They have never done anything about it."

Police said the woman's new driveway was a scam. "They didn't even ask they just did the work first and then demanded payment and of course she's under no obligation to pay that," said Lt. David Young, Lufkin Police Department spokesperson.

The victim came close to sealing the deal. "He went to talking about some numbers and all that I said well hey, I can't pay for that well you have to go to the bank," she said.

"If someone shows up at your door or someone wants to change the price on a contract, particularly if they get forceful about that issue, shut the door, call police right away," said Lt. Young. "We want to talk to those people."

The smell of fresh asphalt lingers as a reminder of how easy it was to be victimized. "Don't get too involved with them," she said. "Don't get too carried away with what they're trying to offer."

Lt. Young said neighborhoods can put an end to scams by word of mouth. "Spread the word among your friends and neighbors," he said. "They can't become victims if they know what to expect, so a little knowledge goes a long way in helping prevent these."

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