Hudson See You at the Pole gets too big for the flagpole

By Holley Nees - bio | email

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - Across the nation some students went to school an hour early Wednesday to exercise their faith at the annual See You at the Pole, but one East Texas school had a different kind of gathering this year.

"Being that there is 600, last year I think we had 700, I mean you're not going to get 700 kids around a pole," said The Relentless Band Pianist Alex Fleniken.

So, if you go to Hudson ISD, you get a gym.

"Last year it was on the field and this year it was just because of the rain and all that stuff, but we weren't going to let that stop us," said Fleniken.

These Hudson students said transforming old Hornet gym into a place where their peers can practice their faith was worth the lack of sleep.

"It's really important to us to do something like this because we are extremely passionate about Jesus Christ and it's something that we just can't hold in," said Hudson High School Senior Latifah Worrell.

However, See You at the Pole hasn't always been this big at Hudson.

"I remember my first year at See You at the Pole in middle school, we were all just a bunch of sixth graders and we actually got our band to play and that was the first time we ever did a band and it was just small stuff," said Hudson High School Senior Jace Kartye.

Now, it's big and for one senior it was career training.

"I'm going to be a youth pastor when I go up to Dallas so I've kind of gotten used to it," said Hudson High School Senior Chris Simmons.  "At the youth group I talk some."

Students like Kristen Ladner woke up earlier just to be there and she said she'll do it again.

"I plan on coming back every year that I'm at Hudson," said 8th grade student Kristen Ladner.

Students like Ladner are the reason these students sacrificed those extra hours of sleep.

"I think this generation is marked for greatness, there's no doubt about that, and so many times people say things that this generation is going down the drain...I don't think that," said Worrell.  "We have too many kids that are passionate about Jesus, passionate about making a difference."

Simmons, in his last year at Hudson, knows what he wants out of this school year.

"If they can go after God with their whole heart, the rest of their life, my goal is accomplished," said Simmons.

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