Incest relationships more prevalent

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE)- Just this week, actress MacKenzie Phillips came forward about her relationship with her famous father, musician John Phillips.

Incest is a subject that causes many people to cringe. But child abuse counselors say incest relationships are more prevalent than you might think.

It was not easy for the actress to come forth with a shocking confession about her incestuous relationship with her father.

According to Mona Hill, Director of Angelina Alliance, an advocate center for abused children, said, "It's such a society that is watching television and paying attention to celebrities. This is such a hard thing to talk about, and it happens to so many people."

Hill said it harder for children and even adults to talk about it because it's the mom or dad that's the abuser. "How would you feel if you were speaking out about your life, your sex life with your father, or perhaps another member of the family or someone in general? Its just not an easy subject to talk about," Hill explains.

When public figures, like Phillips, confess to the world about an incest relationships it helps others.

Hill said, "It gives them that courage to perhaps make an outcry and get some help themselves."

Abused children are normally afraid to say something out of fear. "They know if they speak the whole family is going to blow up,  where are they going to leave, who's going to be mad, or who's going to believe them?" Hill adds.

Hill says sexual abuse is a community problem. "I would just say how it is important as a community worker or a neighbor or a parent that if you do suspect it {child abuse} act on your intuition.

The Angelina Alliance for Children offers free prevention classes to the public that teaches how to recognize signs of abuse and what to do if you suspect abuse.

The class are offered twice a month. For more information contact (936) 634-1999.

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