Jack of the Week: Max Holmes

By Nick James - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Stephen F. Austin Jack of the Week matriculated to the Lumberjacks from Baton Rouge, LA.  Max Holmes is an offensvie lineman starting center,  a very bring young man.  The former Louisiana State University player graduated with a degree in Psychology in three years now he is working towards his Masters Degree.

"Right now I'm working on my Master's in interdisciplinary studies which is a various things of counseling business and Psychology." Holmes said.

After giving Max a quiz of brains versus Braun I realized he is sharp as a tack, he has to know the opposing defense inside and out.

"There is no doubt we are the smartest one's we pretty much run the show up front we all know what's going on.  We all know what everyone else's position is sometimes we have to get on other people, we know the calls we know the defense we know everything."

All kidding aside Holmes is one of the most important cogs in the wheel for the Lumberjacks potent offense , number 66 is always going to be the center of attention when the ball is snapped to quarterback Jeremy Moses.  For the second time in his career Holmes is Jack of the Week.

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