Coach Steve Fentress re-visits Bulldog country

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

(KTRE) - Two high school football coaches, once defending the same territory, are getting ready to meet again. This time they're on opposite ends of the field.

"Our kids know their kids, a lot of them. We're 30 miles apart so it's building into a little rivalry," said Corrigan's Head Coach Seven Armstrong.

It's been three years since Steve Fentress left his defensive coordinator position at Corrigan high to lead Woodville as head coach. However, Armstrong says the two remain great friends. "We got a lot of fans over here that respect him also and they're gonna be glad to see him again."

"He taught me a lot. He knew a lot about the defense that we ran there. And whenever I get in a bind or if I need a little advice, I'll call him," said Fentress.

With that familiar bond also comes high expectations.

"He knows what we're trying to do over here. I've got an idea of what we're trying to do over there. It's kind of a little chess match," said Armstrong.

"You know the first year we played each other we ran the same exact offense and the same exact defense and leading up to the game it was like a chess match. Who was gonna do what and where. And I learned from that night. You don't, you don't do that. You just, you go in there, you teach your kids what they're supposed to do and you let them play the game," added Fentress.

For these coaches playing the game means bringing everything they've got.

"We generally play each other hard. We're gonna get their best and hopefully they get our best also," said Armstrong.

Coach Fentress may have a few new strategies up his sleeve, strategies that can only be revealed when the Eagles enter Bulldog country for the matchup. "The key to Friday night is to make sure we hang on to the ball. It's gonna be wet, it's gonna be nasty. And, I think the team that doesn't make, the one that makes the least amount of mistakes is gonna win the game."

Armstrong says the team is going to fight hard to defend home ground. "I hope the bulldogs win. Woodville's coming here. We gotta defend our home ground. We take a lot of pride in playing right here in this stadium."

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