COPY-More sick teachers could put strain on sub teachers

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Regular flu season along with H1-N1 has Lufkin Independent School District officials hoping it doesn't take its course on their staff.

Johnny Giles, Lufkin ISD Assistant Superintendent, said, "We're hoping that the flu season doesn't have a great impact on us, especially with our students and our adults."

If flu season does have a great impact and more teachers are absent during from school, it could stretch the number of substitute teachers available.

Currently, there are about 200 substitutes for the entire district.

Giles said, "Sometimes it's a shortage with the combination of the subs not being able to accept jobs and then you have a high number of teachers that may have children out sick, etc."

Charles Harshman has been a substitute teacher for 11 years and he knows that Lufkin schools depend on him to "Sub the day."

"It's something that you have to be dedicated to if you want to do it," said Harshman.

Harshman said he knows he's a teacher's back up, so getting sick is out of the question for him. " I've had my regular flu shot already from my doctor, " Harshman explains, "And I feel that I needed to get that as quickly as possible."

Giles said for right now with the subs they have, they have been able to cover all the jobs each day, but if the flu season progresses and it causes more teachers to be out of school, they will need a substitute bailout plan.

Giles adds, "We may have to recruit some of the subs that used to subs that have gone into retirement, we may have to call them back out to help us out."

Lufkin ISD said they have an open application enrollment for substitute teachers. If you are interested in sub teaching you can contact the Lufkin ISD Administrative office at (936) 634-6696 for more information and the requirements.

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