Up close & personal: American Idol Michael Sarver

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - He's finally home, East Texas' own American Idol Michael Sarver. After spending months on the National American Idol Tour, the Jasper native, discusses how Idol has changed his life, and what's next for the singing sensation.

Michael Sarver's said his last night on the American Idol tour hit home.

Sarver, an American Idol finalist, said, "We all went to our hotels room and the next morning we got on the plane and we flew in 10 different directions and it was very weird, it just like bam, and it was over."

But after several months on the road he's glad to be back home. "The whole time your 're on tour you're thinking about going home, then you get home and you're thinking about how much you miss the tour," Sarver explains.

Sarver said after the American Idol competition, he became really passionate about making an album, so he immediately got to work, in his brand new studio.

He said, "There will be an album for me next year, early next year and a lot of cool things going on," Sarver adds, "The number one plan for the album is going to be country, it's going to be a modern pop-country type sound with a lot of soul."

Sarver explains that his album will contain music that he wrote and wants to share with the world. "I've seen pain, I've seen hurt, I've even seen the inside of a jail cell. There are so many experiences that I'm not ashamed to talk about because they are a part of who I've become," he said.

He also wants everyone to get to know the real Michael. He explains, "I think for me when we talk about what my music does for other people not only do I want to touch them but I want them to see the real me through my music."

Sarver says he truly believes that his fans, are responsible for his Idol success. "I have no doubt that the people of South East Texas had a huge part in establishing where I ended up on the show and because of that I appreciate it."

To show his gratitude to his fans, he offers his music as gift. Sarver said, "I hope and pray that's its very well received because it will be from my heart.

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