Capital Murder Trial Continues

One of the most crucial witnesses who will testify in this trial took the stand. Twenty-one-year-old Nathan Snyder of Trinity was very emotional as he described how he was involved in helping get rid of the body of Fant Smart.

Snyder says he, Daniel Pugh, and a man named David Yount burglarized Smart's home two weeks prior to the murder. Snyder says in that burglary they found a shotgun, a rifle, and bullets for a pistol. They did not find the pistol, and Snyder recalled that Pugh was anxious about finding the pistol.

Snyder says two weeks later, Pugh showed up in Trinity driving a truck that didn't belong to him. He also had a pistol and asked Snyder to go for a ride. Snyder says Pugh asked him if he knew anywhere to get rid of a dead body? Snyder says he jokingly replied, "the second Trinity bridge."

Snyder says it wasn't until later that night that he discovered Smart's body in the truck when Pugh pulled into some woods. Snyder testified the sight of the body made him vomit, at which time Pugh laughed at him. Snyder says he and Pugh eventually picked up the body and dumped it into a Trinity County creek.

Snyder says the hardest thing about that night was the fact that Deanna Shepherd's two young children were with them. He says at one point Shepherd's daughter woke up and asked if that man was still sleeping and what did they do to him?

"It broke my heart," replied Snyder.