Woman Takes Stand to Defend Herself

Deanna Shepherd, 24 of Lufkin took the stand to defend herself against capital murder charges.

When Shepherd took the stand, questions came quickly and directly. The first question from her defense attorney, Charles Meyers, was "Did you shoot Fant Smart?" Shepherd quietly responded "No."

Meyers then asked, "Were you in the house when Fant Smart was shot?" Once again, Shepherd said, "No."

Shepherd repeated that she had nothing to do with the burglary or murder of Lufkin school teacher Fant Smart. Once again, she did not deny that she helped clean up the crime scene after her boyfriend, Daniel Pugh, allegedly shot and killed Smart. Shepherd went on to say the only reason she participated at all was because she felt threatened by Pugh. Shepherd testified that Pugh had previously threatened her. Saying anyone who knew the things that he had done, could not live.

Prosecutor Janet Cassels questioned that explanation, asking Shepherd, "Isn't it true that you had some influence on Daniel?" Shepherd reluctantly said, "yes."

Deanna Shepherd is expected to be the last witness in the trial. Closing arguments are scheduled to begin Monday, February 17.