Texas Ranger investigating Hudson officer

Chris Nair mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail
Chris Nair mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - A Hudson Police officer is being investigated for possible misconduct following a traffic stop Friday night.

"He invaded all my privacy, you know, all my rights," said Chris Nair.

Nair said he was pulled over for speeding and ticketed for not having a bumper. "You do not have to have a bumper in the state of Texas," said Nair. "It is not a law."

He said that's not the end of it. "At that time I told him he could not search my vehicle and he proceeded to tell me to put my hands in the air and started going through my pockets," he said.

The officer arrested Nair after finding one vicodin. "That's ridiculous," said Nair. "It was prescription medicine from a doctor."

In addition to spending time in jail, having his vehicle impounded, missing work, his vehicle also suffered damaged. "His dog did this to my truck," said Nair pointing out scratches. "If that would have been a new paint job, I would have been really mad about that."

Nair said after he was released from jail, he contacted Texas Ranger Sgt. Pete Maskunas and reported the incident. Maskunas confirmed he is investigating misconduct by the police.

"We've been in there watching videos with him [Maskunas], letting him review the videos and right now we're just awaiting his outcome of the investigation," said Lt. Jimmy Casper, Hudson Police department.

Lt. Casper said their department is not brushing Nair's allegations aside. "Our main goal is to verify whether it's a true complaint or if it's just somebody that's upset with something that occurred," he said.

If Nair's allegations are legit the, Lt. Casper said appropriate action will be taken. "We're ready for it to get cleared one way or the other and take the necessary steps that we need to," he said.

Either way, Nair said the experience was humiliating. "I felt violated, really, I did."

The two citations have been dropped. The possession charge may also be dropped.

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