East Texans Worried?

The Bush administration put the country on high alert for a terrorist attack last week. And even further precautions were taken this week, when Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge recommended Americans buy plastic sheeting and duct tape to protect their homes from a biological or chemical attack. But even with this unprecedented warning, are East Texans worried?

"Well, duct tape can fix most anything," said one East Texan. "I don't think we can really do much to be ready for any of this," said another.

Many of the people we talked to said the threat of a terrorist attack did not really concern them.

"I think that America is getting more used to handling these sort of situations."

The Department of Homeland Security is also encouraging Americans to stock pile at least a three day supply of food & water. But some say that plan is no different than what they already do for bad weather.

"Well, that's about the same thing that we do for tornadoes or something like that."

But perhaps the most creative answer we heard for protecting against a terrorist attack:  is living in East Texas. So while people in other parts of the country may be worried about the war on terror, it seems East Texans already feel safe right at home. But with the alert level expected to elevated to its highest level within the next week, should they be so sure?