Combs returns $69,000 in unclaimed property to Harlingen and Cameron County,

(Harlingen) - Texas Comptroller Susan Combs announced today that the city of Harlingen has reclaimed $42,275 in unclaimed property, and Cameron County has reclaimed $26,797.

"Cities and counties face challenges in this tough economy," Combs said. "Our office has expanded its efforts to quickly contact local governments that have money on the state's unclaimed property list and help them reclaim it, and I applaud Harlingen and Cameron County for taking the initiative to get their money back and put it to work in the community."

Combs also urged all residents in South Texas to check the unclaimed property list to see if they have money waiting to be claimed.

The state is holding $11.2 million dollars in unclaimed property for more than 93,000 people in Cameron County.  The Comptroller's office has returned about $641,000 to Cameron County owners in the last two years.  For Willacy County, the state is holding $467,734 for more than 4,000 unclaimed property owners. Willacy County residents have reclaimed $18,000 in the last two years.

The annual Unclaimed Property List will appear in South Texas newspapers on Sunday, Nov. 15.  The Comptroller's office has re-invented the traditional, statewide newspaper insert, breaking it into six regional unclaimed property lists being published on an extended schedule through Feb. 7, 2010.

"By focusing on one region at a time, we can provide better customer service and reunite people with their money faster because claims will be spread out over several months, rather than a single peak period," Combs said.

The South Texas regional list will contain the names of unclaimed property owners who have had at least $250 in forgotten funds reported to the state within the last year.

"Of course, you don't have to wait until the Unclaimed Property List appears in your newspaper to find out if the state is holding forgotten cash or other valuables in your name," Combs said. "The unclaimed property Web site at is available year-round and contains the complete list of all owners of any amount of unclaimed property, from any year."

You may also inquire about unclaimed property by phone at (800) 654-FIND (3463).

The state is holding about $2 billion in unclaimed property. The Comptroller estimates one in four Texans has money waiting to be claimed. Examples of unclaimed property include dividend, payroll or cashier's checks; stocks, bonds and mutual fund accounts; utility deposits and other refunds; insurance proceeds; mineral interest or royalty payments; dormant bank accounts; and abandoned safe deposit box contents.

"In these challenging economic times, Texas families are trying to make every dollar count," Combs said.  "Now more than ever, it is crucial that we reunite Texans with their unclaimed property."