Huntington Police investigate shooting of boy, 9

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - Huntington Police are investigating a shooting of a 9-year-old boy on Kansas Street.

According to Lt. Jason Capps, Daryl Bivens went outside at 5:20 p.m. Tuesday to feed their dogs when his mother, Latisha Bivens, heard screaming. Bivens said when she heard her son screaming and ran to help him. She saw her son had been shot in the jaw by a small caliber gun.  Bivens said the boy was bleeding everywhere, and that he couldn't stop crying.

"He was screaming like bloody murder," said Bivens.

As soon as Bivens got her son inside, she immediately took him into the bathroom and used a wet rag to apply pressure to the wound.  The neighbors, who said they had not seen where the gunshot came from, helped contact police.  The boy was taken to Lufkin hospital immediately.  Although very upset, he was in stable condition, and fully alert and talking.

Lt. Capps said it is not known where the bullet came from, but it was from a small caliber gun. The bullet came out of the corner of his nose.

Bivens said she has seen teenagers walking around with guns out in the property but figured they were just pellet guns and that they were out to shoot squirrels.  But Bivens said her daughter has seen a teenager carrying a pistol.  Although Bivens feels it was an accident, she wishes whoever did it would come forward.

"I'm not mad, if it was an accident, I'm not mad about the situation. I just don't, I mean there is a gun law here in Huntington and there should be no firearms fired here in the Huntington city limits."

"Whoever did this, whether it was an accident or whatever the case may be I feel in my heart, that it was an accident, just you know, let us know who you are. I'm sure there are going to be some charges pressed but I'm not looking for anyone to be just gone to prison or nothing like that, but you know, fess up to it and make it right. And I just want you know people to know guns are dangerous and when your around a subdivision where there's houses and kids and whatever. Bullets can ricochet, whatever, the case may be, and somebody can get hurt or killed."

Bivens says her son is hanging in there, although he was shocked and upset. They plan to keep him home for the rest of the week to check for infections but are hopeful that he'll be able to return to school come Monday.

This has been a rough time for the family, and she says that God was directing the path of the bullet, because if it would have hit her son any higher or lower, it could have killed him.

"I guess it really didn't hit me until last night after we got back home from the emergency room about midnight. And you know, everything's quiet and you just kind of realize,  you know that, he could have died. So..he's gonna be fine. I'm thankful, I'm thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ that he's gonna be okay."

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