Fire destroys Fuller Springs home

FULLER SPRINGS, TX (KTRE) - A Thursday morning fire left an Angelina County couple without a home. Unfortunately, it is the second time tragedy has struck their lives, according to a family member.

Volunteer firefighters from Fuller Springs, Huntington and Moffett, as well as the Lufkin firefighters, responded to the blaze around 11:30 a.m. at 1307 Carrell Road.

A family member, Sabria Holland said she was told the wife, Johnnie Kirkland, was cooking something when she was called to another room by her bed-ridden husband, Grady Sr. When she returned to the kitchen, the fire had started.

"Well we just have to bond together as a family thank God above that they're okay," said Holland.  "Everything else is replaceable but them."

The couple managed to get to their porch before a neighbor ran over to assist them.

"I saw smoke and I just pulled in real quick and Mrs. Kirkland she was walking across the street to use the phone so I just, Mr. Kirkland was getting on the edge, walking out to the porch and I just put him into my pickup wheeled him out there, got a water hose, went around back and tried to fight the fire," said Neighbor Tommy Maxie.

Holland said they had a grandson who died in a house fire on the same property in the 1980s.