Restaurant Report- Angelina County- October 22, 2009

The Jack In The Box on Frank street was handed 22 demerits. They need to clean and sanitize the floor drains and floor. All food handler cards must be current. The hand sink needs to be kept accessible. Towels and sanitizer are required at the hand sinks. Gaps at the back door need to be sealed and they need to use correct procedure when manually washing dishware and utensils. They were asked to remove the household rice cooker, and they need to store the ice scoop in a drainable container. They also need to clean inside the ice machine.

Diboll Primary School received 13 demerits. They need to decrease the temperature at the salad bar, and increase the temperature at the prep line. The back door must seal tightly and they need to store the ice scoop properly.

The Donut Palace in Huntington on Highway 69 south was given eight demerits. They must have clear, food grade plastic. They must replace three compartment sinks, and remove the wood on the floor by the sink. There will be a follow up in seven days to check on sinks and wood floor.

Brookshire Bros. #52 Bakery/Deli in Huntington received eight demerits. The temperature on the deli cooler display case needs to be decreased. Test strips are required, they must not contaminate sanitize compartment. The floor under the equipment needs to be cleaned.

Brookshire Bros. #52 Produce and Meat Mkt. received three demerits. They need to provide hand sanitizer at hand wash facilities.

Temple Elementary in Diboll received eight demerits. The hot hold was at an improper temperature.The ice scoop needs to be stored properly.

Huntington Elementary received four demerits. They need to replace three compartment sinks and the area must be smooth and cleanable.

Chicken Express on South Medford received four demerits. They need to remove the unsanitary container from the cooler. They must use food grade containers for marinate.

Huntington Middle School Cafeteria received three demerits. They need to clean inside the ice machine.

Congratulations to the following, they all received zero demerits this week: Lufkin Head Start, Hope Center, Sonic in Huntington on highway 69, Hudson Cafeteria, Huntington Intermediate Cafeteria, Huntington High School Cafeteria, Bonner Elementary Cafeteria, Peary Primary Cafeteria, Salvation Army Adult Day Center, and Kurth Elementary Cafeteria.