A Windows 7 review

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Microsoft's new operating system is now available. KTRE took a trip to Best Buy to get a review of Windows 7.

One experienced specialist said the new system makes a PC more of an everyday appliance that's easier to use. He said it puts a lot of commonly used applications at your fingertips and the system is a complete rethink, not just a revised Vista.

He said if you want a more entertaining and easier experience you should upgrade your current system or get a new computer if you need it.

"Windows 7 is probably Microsoft's best operating system to date," said Best Buy Experienced Specialist Chris Thornton.  "They broke a lot of new ground with Windows 7 they took a lot of feedback from customers, what they liked, what the manufacturers needed, and worked all of that together to give you a seamless computing experience."

Thorton's favorite features of the new system include:  Enhanced compatibility with older software, and it has drag, drop, and shake features to make it easier for you to look at programs on your screen.   It also has a power bar at the bottom where you can drop and pin programs for easy access, and it has a faster start-up time.

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