East Texas cowboy wins new set of wheels

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It's not everyday you win a horse trailer at church. "Every time I look at it I'm like a kid in the candy store," said Kevin Smith, recipient of the trailer.

Smith and his family are in the cattle industry. With thirty head of cattle and no trailer, he said business has been slow.

"I knew he had been looking for a trailer that he could afford," said Linda Smith, Kevin's mother.

Instead, the trailer found his family. "My mother called and said she got it and I said, great I could use it," explained Smith.

Kevin's mom entered a raffle with a ten dollar ticket that won him a $5,000 trailer that he said he desperately needed. "It's God's doing for sure," said Smith. "You know, He did something for us that I couldn't get for myself and really couldn't do at the time."

Pastor Stanley King said he had a notion to giveaway a trailer. He hopes every mile it travels, a message is sent. "Every time they hook up to that bumper, they get hooked up with God," said Pastor King, Cowboy Impact Church of Nacogdoches. "So, I'm just looking that God will do great things with that family."

"Every time it's hooked up and goes down the road that someone will see that and be able to tell the story of this church out in the country that's growing and going," said Smith.

It is a church where jeans, boots and horses are apart of the service. Pastor King said 37 local businesses made the trailer donation possible.

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