Sex offenders must be at home on Halloween

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Law enforcement and probation officers in both Angelina County and Nacogdoches County will be making random visits to the homes of sex offenders to make sure they are where they are suppose on Halloween night.

It's a thought more scarier than ghosts and goblins, a child predator having the opportunity to harm your child.

Lisa Page, a Probation Officer for sex offenders in Angelina County said, "We do field visits to ensure that offenders are at home and that they have their porch light turned off, that they're not putting out candy for the kids, that they're not putting out decorations that would attract the children, basically they have to be at home accounted for."

Page said, sex offenders will not be out with trick or treaters come Saturday night. "They're expected to be home at 5:30 p.m. on until the rest of the evening," she adds, "For each offender that's being checked on that officer is going to have a picture and information about what that offender can and can't do as far as being around children."

In Nacogdoches County, probation officers have issued sex offenders Halloween guidelines which states, offenders:

-Can not be a residence or other locations where there is distribution of candy/treats to children or minors.

-Can not distribute candy or treats to children or minors at their residence or any location on or about Halloween or at any Halloween celebration.

-Can not answer the door during Halloween unless instructed by law enforcement.

-Can not attend any haunted house attractions or hay rides.

-Can not have the porch light on at place of residence, or be at another location where the porch light is on during Halloween.

-Can not attend any public or private Halloween events where children are present or are likely to be present.

-Can not decorate their residence or any residence in which they are registered to reside or a vehicle that they operate with Halloween decorations or other child lures.

-Can not be in, or at any Halloween or other child lure decorated residence, vehicle, or location on Halloween.

"It's better that the offender be at home and not be in any place where it can be perceived they they're somewhere doing something wrong or somewhere they shouldn't be," said Page.

Diboll Police said that Halloween falls on a weekend, they feel more kids will be out, so they are making plans to patrol the streets in full force.

Diboll's Chief of Police, Kent Havard, said, "We'll have some officers on foot, we'll have some officers that will be in golf carts, and of course in patrol cars, so we're going to try to be everywhere that we can."

And to know that law enforcement is doing their part to protect kids make parents feel at ease.

Parent, Angela Horton, said, "I think it's great, I think that they should do that but as a parent you just don't send them {children} by themselves.

Havard agrees, he said they will do their part but parents and kids still need to be alert of their surrounding and be safe. "Just go to places where you feel safe and where the kids will feel safe."

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