Lufkin kids say no to drugs

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Educating our youngsters about the dangers of drugs is what Red Ribbon Week is all about. But is it too early to talk to kids about drugs? Educators believe the sooner, the better.

Some Hearty Elementary students learned about about drugs for the first time this week. "I learned yesterday," said a kindergartner.

But at age five is it really necessary to teach a kid about drugs? Sgt. Allen hill said absolutely. "You'll teach kids that somethings hot, you'll teach them that's something poison, but these drugs are a poison," explained Hill.

Hill said kids absorb information, and the sooner they understand how drugs can effect their life, the better. "Teach them now and maybe when it's presented to them and they do come across it and we're not there knowledge is their best weapon, then they know that's bad, I'm not going to touch it," said Hill.

Students we spoke to have spent the week learning about drugs. Here were some responses from elementary students.

"They hurt your body," said a seven-year-old. "You're hurt can't pump out blood, your lungs can hurt very bad and they do anything if you have some drugs."

"It's bad for your body."

"It'll make you sick."

"Kids can't drink beer."

"Drugs is bad,"

"We can't smoke."

"Don't drink beer, don't drink alcohol and don't smoke."

"Stay away from drugs."

"Be drugs free."

Hill challenges parents and educators to continue to teach kids about drugs, even after Red Ribbon Week is over. "Why would i want to teach my child about this?" said Hill. "Well your child is probably not exposed to a lot of this stuff, but it's still information they know it because they may get exposed to it when you're not around. We've found drugs in elementary schools."

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