Darseys Furniture Store celebrates new building

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email


It was just months ago a tornado took the roof right off the Darsey family business, doing damage far beyond repair.

It may just look like an empty lot, but it's where the original store once stood and before the tornado hit last May, it was a place holding many memories for the Darsey family.

Memories that the family took with them as they celebrated the opening of their new building, which was a bitter sweet victory for the family.

"Since his great grandfather started this business in 1886, the whole town burnt down in 1903. The next day he was doing business out of a railroad car. They survived through the great depression. We survived the tornado earlier this year. You just have to keep plugging away at it, keep putting the time and effort into it, and just keep going," said co-owner Tonya darsey.

For Charley Darsey, this meant sacrificing long hours with little time for sleep.

"He doesn't give up that easy," said daughter Brooke Darsey.

Darsey says he couldn't have done it without the help of his wife, who has helped him run the store since they bought it together in 1993.

"I was ready to take the insurance money that they were gonna give us and move on and stay in the building we had and she said no, we have to build this for our children," said Darsey.

Rebuilding doesn't mean forgetting the past.

"It was a building that my great grandfather built in 1913. It was a building that meant a lot to my wife and my children and me."

It's a new beginning for the Darsey family and an opportunity to continue to carry on their family legacy, which is full of determination, hard work and the satisfaction of overcoming whatever stands in their way.

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