Attoyac River watched closely

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Attoyac River, a normally quite waterway between Garrison and Etoile, is expected to crest Saturday at noon. The question is, will more water do even more damage?

Tonight the Attoyac River and many of its tributaries are over their banks in places, but not over as many roads. About 24 hours ago, as many as 40 roadways, including Hiway 21 and farm roads 95 and 226 were blocked.

Emergency crews stayed busy. "There were trees down. Three or four culverts washed out," Doyle Williams, road and bridge administrator explained.  "One headwall. It wasn't a bridge, but one headwall washed out."

A bridge on private property washed down the creek near Woden. Another nearby resident had a lake between their house and the road. One car stalled out after the driver entered high water.

Another motorist required an actual rescue. "Nacogdoches is fortunate in that we have a swift water rescue team that's been trained and is available if we need them and call them," Judge Joe English, Nacogdoches County county judge said. "And we did have to call them last night. We did have one car that got swept away and individuals were in there and needed their assistance."

Woden school children are getting an unexpected three day weekend. There was no guarantee school busses could travel the back roads.

Cattle were forced to the corners as the Attoyac rose as ranchers began repairing fences.

Judge English thinks it could have been a lot worse if it hadn't been for Lake Naconiche. The lake was built for flood control. "It did its job last night. And we are letting water out today," English shared.

Right now it's mostly time to clean up. Come next weeks all the roads and bridges will be accessed. Then the repairs begin.

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