East Texans deal with the damage flooding left behind

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Inches of rain flooded parts of East Texas and Friday some roads are still covered by water. The City of Lufkin said they responded well to the flooding. The City says, depending on how much money you spend, you can lessen the effects of flooding, but it's impossible to stop it.

It wasn't the worst Lufkin has seen, but the damage is there.

"There's a creek that runs behind the store and as long as this store has been here it's never happened before, but about 5:30, 6:00 they started to get some water in and by 7:30 there was water all through the store and we actually ended up closing the store last night at 7:30," said Dollar General Store Manager Scott Floyd.

Friday morning, the store was still closed.

"We have 650 to 700 people that actually come in and buy items here," said Floyd.  "So, we've already been closed for over an hour now, and looks like we'll be closed probably over half the day, so it's going to be pretty significant."

Since time is money, they're now trying to salvage their merchandise.

However, the problems don't stop with one store, one East Texas road was flooded from Thursday night, and vehicles were trying to make their way through the water, but officials were encouraging smaller cars to turn around.

"We had about 35 different roadway complaints where water was over the road or covering parts of the road," said Lufkin Deputy City Manager Keith Wright.  "We had approximately 10 people at the First Church of the Nazarene for sheltering."

Lufkin said they were ready to go.

"We've pretty much become disaster trained, so yesterday afternoon our emergency management people met and had our game plan ready," said Wright.

The state sent search and rescue crews to Angelina County Friday morning just in case.

"We're providing two UH60 Blackhawks with a full crew on both of those with rescue assets to both of those aircraft also," said Helo Manager for Texas Task Force One Aviation Lynn Burttschell.

They haven't been called out yet, they're just standing by.

"If they need us we're just standing here at the airport when we get the call," said San Antonio Army Aviation Support Facility Operations Officer Lt. Samuel Scallon.  "If they need to do any type of damage assessment, or search and rescue type missions, then we're able to pick up and go do those type of missions."

For now, everyone waits for what's left of the flooding to go down and damages to be repaired.

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