East Texas flooding sends debris, trash into rivers

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The recent pummeling of rain across East Texas has poured into our rivers. "We've had some wet Octobers, but not like this," said Tim Walker, State Game Warden.

Walker said usually we see an average of four inches of rain for the month of October. "I think we've received 14 inches of rain," he said. "That's ten more inches than normal."

Tops of weeds barely graze the water that's normally not there. "This area right here is normally dry," said Walker.

Dry areas replaced by trash, debris and tree branches; the leftovers of last week's rain. "Of course inherently you're going to get a lot of trash in the river," said walker. "Whether it's floating debris or your going to get household trash."

"More trash, but a lot better fishing," said Norma Cooper, who was fishing for catfish on the Angelina River Sunday.

Although the drenching rain make for an ideal fishing trip, there are still serious safety concerns boaters need to be aware of. "Because there's logs that fall across the river, trees and some underwater hazards that you don't see," said Walker.

With the saturated grounds, Walker said that means less rainfall gets absorbed, which concerns him. "Which results in a bunch of overland flow and if we get that all the creeks are going to fill up, it's going to fill the river up and the water is going to start backing up and we'll have a lot of flooding," he said.

A problem we hopefully won't have to deal with. The threat for boaters remains. As the water levels continue to drop, it will reveal even more obstacles hidden under the surface.

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