Bond election passage means a bright future for Zavalla ISD

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The citizens of Zavalla approved a $5.5 million school bond and a proposition that would raise school taxes by 13 cents and they did it all in one night.

At 10:15 a.m., fourth-grader Lexi Nelson is not ready to eat lunch, but that's what she has to do on school days.

"It's actually kind of hard sometimes because you're full," said Nelson.

The passage of the school bond Tuesday night means a bigger cafeteria, and soon no more early lunches.

"For the lunch times, just something as simple as that to carry as much weight, and for it to mean so much to these kids," said Zavalla ISD Superintendent David Flowers.  "We wouldn't be here without those kids."

One Zavalla man knows first hand how bad the school district needed the funds.

"I went to school here in 1956, some of these buildings, that we're going to remodel, were here then, so it's time for a change," said Louie Lawson.

A change that flowers said is a historic one in the state of Texas.

"You do not see many districts pass a tax ratification and a bond election on the same night, having them on the same ballot," said Flowers.  "We did that and made history."

However, to some students making history is only a minor detail, but a new track is the highlight.

"Everybody is really excited, especially for the track because we've been waiting for this and it's finally here," said Zavalla eleventh-grader Megan Fridell.

"To hear the kids' comments that they're excited about it, they know that what we're doing impacts them," said Flowers.

"Well, see since they have more books and more classrooms and since there's more books, we'll have bigger library and it's just going to be awesome," said Nelson.

All of the young Zavalla Eagles may not be able to understand a bond election yet, but soon they will see the multi-million dollar difference.

"If our kids do this great with what we have now, can you imagine what they're going to do in the future," said Zavalla School Board Secretary Jamie Dykes.

Flowers said the 13-cent tax increase will generate an additional $300,000 for the school district to maintain financial stability.

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