Corrigan City Council to address ordinance, after dog shot dead by neighbor

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - Two Corrigan families are without their pets. A dog's attack on a neighbor's cat led to the shooting of the dog. With both animals dead, city officials are trying keep similar situations from escalating into this type of outcome.

Grimes Fortune said his neighbors cat was dragged from their front porch into the woods and killed by a dog called Be Be. "They were upset and I went down and I said well I'll bury your cat if you tell me where to bury it and I buried it in the backyard," said Grimes, mayor of Corrigan.

The police report said the cat's owner asked her nephew to shoot Be Be to stop the attack. "The owner of the dog or animal being attacked can defend the dog or animal being attacked and has legal right to shoot the dog," said James Farrar, Corrigan Police chief.

Neighbors and police tell us Be Be the pit bull lacked registration, insurance and vaccinations. "Complete violation of city ordinance," said Fortune.

Be Be's owner claims the dog was actually a Staffordshire Terrier, kid friendly and never displayed aggressive behavior. He also said he was unaware of the city's dog ordinance.

"Just because you don't know doesn't exempt you from it and that's an area we're probably going to have to do a better job on is getting that word out," said Fortune.

Be Be was kept penned, behind a fence, according to its owner, until this one, deadly escape. "It should be a matter of last resort before you take anything's life; however, if your animal is in the process of killing or marauding, the owner of the animal that's being attacked have the right to defend it," said Farrar.

The mayor is actually addressing this issue at the next city council meeting. He said hiring someone part time for animal control may be an option.

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