Restaurant Report-Angelina County-November 5, 2009.

China Garden on South Timberland was handed 15 demerits. The buffet temperatures were too low. They need to replace a broken ceiling tile in the storage area, and defrost and clean inside the freezer. They need to repair gaps and repair the screens on the backdoor. They also need to use proper procedure at the manual washing station.

Sonic number one on North Timberland received 15 demerits. They need to repair holes at the floor. The floor must be smooth and cleanable. The towel dispenser in the restroom needs to be repaired or the towels must be accessible. They also need to sanitize inside the ice machine. The mayonnaise was at the wrong temperature, it needs to be lowered. They need to clean under the equipment coving and wall must be cleanable. The storage area floor needs to be cleaned and the sanitization compartment must be used for sanitizing only.

Pizza Hut on South Timberland was given 14 demerits. All employees must obtain food handler's card. Also, they must not store food items on the floor of the cooler. The ceiling around the AC vents needs to be repaired, a repeat violation. Finally, the back door must remain closed and sealed. The dining room floor must be cleaned. The walk in cooler door must seal when shut. And they need t replace test strips, and the test strip container must seal.

Fiesta Mexicana on South Timberland was given 11 demerits. They need to store the ice scoop properly, have a date and time on the meat in the refrigerator. And the need to keep items out of the hand wash sink.

Pilgrim's Pride on West Frank Avenue received 8 demerits. A heat lamp is needed at the hot hold, and they need to monitor the temperature on all hot holds. The freezer door must seal and they need to defrost and clean at the door way.

Coston Elementary on Trenton Street were handed 5 demerits they need to increase the temperature at the warmer.

Chic-fil-A on South Medford received 3 demerits. They must keep the hand wash sink empty, inspectors found a straw in the sink. They must also call and exterminator.

Brookhollow Cafeteria on Live Oak received 3 demerits. They must not store food items on freezer floor and the ice scoop must be stored in a drainable container.

Congratulation's to the following, they all received zero demerits: Ames Fried Chicken, Kiddie Land Daycare, Popeye's, and Herty Elementary.