11/7/09 Lufkin Police Report


Burglary/Vehicle, 1700 block of W. Frank:  Man reported he left his locked vehicle in the parking lot of his place of employment and when he returned to his vehicle after his shift, he found his driver's side window shattered, his dash damaged, and his DVD/CD car stereo stolen.

Aggravated Assault, 1600 block of Chestnut:  Man reported that he and a friend met up with some females in a parking lot, when he was confronted by a subject who said he was a boyfriend of the one of the females and threatened him with a gun.  The man reported that he attempted to grab the gun, and cut his hand in the process, and then the subject struck him in the arm with a baseball bat.

Firearm/Shots fired, 2400 block of W. Frank AV:  Man reported he heard a gunshot outside his apartment and found a bullet hole in his shower wall.  Officer also found a bullet hole in the fence behind the apartment.

Burglary, 2400 block of First:  Man reported when returning to his vehicle after work parked at his place of employment, he found the window was busted out and his CD player stolen along with his speakers in the trunk.    

Burglary, 2600 block of First:  Apartment residents advised they were in the process of moving out of their apartment and still had three days left before they had to be out when they returned to move the remainder of their property and found it all was gone from the apartment.  Residents reported a neighbor seeing apartment maintenance men moving their property from the apartment.  

Theft, Raguet at Abney:  Man reported that he stopped at a business to talk to a friend, and left his wallet and children in the vehicle.  Man reported that his children got out of the vehicle a few minutes later to come inside, and believes they may have knocked the wallet out of vehicle when getting out and someone picked it up.        

Theft, 3000 block of John Redditt:  Loss prevention officer reported he observed two men stealing a bottle of cold medicine and when he attempted to detain them, they refused to cooperate.  One of the subjects dropped the medicine in the parking lot when leaving.  Police located the vehicle later unoccupied at a residence.

Assault, 1100 block of Kurth:  Man reported that after confronting a subject about drinking one of his beers when the subject had beer of his own to drink, the subject grabbed him by the jacket and threw him to the ground before others intervened to stop the assault.

Theft/b, 600 block of N. Raguet:  Convenience store manager reported that one of her clerks observed a male coming out of the restroom concealing a carton of cigarettes down the front of his pants.  When the male saw the clerk, he ran out of the store and into some nearby woods.

Burglary/habitat, 500 block of Largent Street:  Man reported he and his family had left their residence for a couple of hours only to return to find the door to their residence in the garage had been kicked open and several of their video game systems had been stolen from their TV room.

Theft/c, 300 block of S. Timberland Drive:  Woman reported she turned her vehicle over to car wash employees to have it cleaned.  Woman reported afterwards she noticed her money pouch was sitting in the passenger seat, and when she opened it to give a tip, she noticed over $20.00 cash that was inside was gone.

Assault, 300 block of Medford:  Teen reported that at the end of her lunch period at school, another female student assaulted her for reasons unknown by grabbing her from behind by the hair, throwing her to the ground, and banging her head on the floor.

Burglary, 500 block of Cain:  Woman reported someone had again broken into her previously burglarized vacant residence.  No additional property was observed missing at time of report.

Assault/a, Pershing at Angelina:  Man reported that he honked his horn at a vehicle that almost slowed to a stop going over tracks, and the vehicle then slammed on its brakes.  The man admitted to yelling out a racial slur, resulting in a confrontation in which the subject punched him in the face.

Assault/a, 1600 block of Atkinson Drive:  Man reported that his soon to be ex-wife assaulted by pushing him, and scratching him on the neck, in attempt to get him out of their vehicle so she could take it.

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