Hudson Middle School - Survey Results

Hudson Middle School Principal Stan Tupman responded to our survey.

1. Does your school have a severe weather plan? Yes.  We have a disaster preparedness plan and severe weather is included.

2. Does your school have a severe weather plan for its buses? Yes.  It would be part of the disaster plan.  However, in cases like tornadoes they would only be used if necessary after the passing of the storm.

3. Does your school have designated shelter areas for students to go in case of a tornado warning? We have designated buildings that are considered as the safest buildings.  We don't have a specific building that is constructed for that purpose.  We mainly don't use open sided buildings, the cafeteria or gyms since they are considered less safe than other buildings.

4. How often are tornado drills practiced at your school each school year? Our tornado drills are in addition to our fire drills.  We have fire drills monthly and 2-3 tornado drills per semester.  One of these drills is coordinated throughout the district and tied in to a radio annoucement for bad weather from our administration office.

5. How do you receive weather information such as tornado warnings? There is a designated person in the administration who gets that information by staying tuned to the NOAA weather reports and relays that information to the campuses.

6. Does your school have and use a NOAA Weather Radio with battery back-up? Yes

7. What areas do you think your scholl can improve upon in your severe weather plan?  We are about as prepared as we can be for a real world situation.  In a perfect world we'd like to have an absolute safe haven building.  Also, part of our way of getting the word out is through PA's and phones which rely on electricity and phone lines.  Various employees do have radios but it would slow the notification process down and sometimes they can't be used in caes like gas leaks, etc.  If the electricity goes out before the warning is given ti would make things more difficult.  However, a generator back-up would probably not be feasible.  Hudson has a great plan.  However, we hope and pray that we never have to use it.