Diboll Junior High School - Survey Results

Diboll Junior High School Principal Steven Clugston responded to our survey.

1. Does your school have a severe weather plan? yes

2. Does your school have a severe weather plan for its buses?  I am not certain.  Transportation would know.

3. Does your school have designated shelter areas for students to go in case of a tornado warning? yes

4. How often are tornado drills practiced at your school each school year?  We try to plan several especially as we head in to the peak tornado season.

5. How do you receive weather information such as tornado warnings? The police would notify.

6. Does your school have and use a NOAA Weather Radio with battery back-up? I am not certain but I believe Central office has one.

7. What areas do you think your scholl can improve upon in your severe weather plan? Making sure everyone is aware of their role in the case of an actual emergency.  Forgive me for not having more information but it is my first year at Diboll JH.  Preparing for such emergencys is of great importance and we always hope to improve preparedness.