Nacogdoches High School - Survey Results

Mario Osby responded to our survey for Nacogdoches High School:

1. Does your school have a severe weather plan? Yes, when the severe weather alerts begin students are assembled in designated areas.  Students will be instructed to "Drop, Tuck, and Cover" and then to assume protective posture.  Teachers and students have designated areas usually located within the hallway near the classroom

2. Does your school have a severe weather plan for its buses? Yes. If a tornado is sighted, buses will try to find shelter under a bridge or overpass.  If the bus is in an open area students will be located to a low area.  (KTRE Weather Note:  The National Weather Service and KTRE's Weather Team do not recommend seeking shelter under a bridge or overpass.)

3. Does your school have designated shelter areas for students to go in case of a tornado warning?  Yes, several churches located in the Nacogdoches area will be utilized.  However, during a regular school day the answers to #1 applies.

4. How often are tornado drills practiced at your school each school year? Twice.  A drill is completed in the Fall and Spring.

5. How do you receive weather information such as tornado warnings? We receive weather information via Central Office and mobile radios.

6. Does your school have and use a NOAA Weather Radio with battery back-up? Yes, our school does use a NOAA Weather Radio with battery back-up.

7. What areas do you think your scholl can improve upon in your severe weather plan? Improvements may be attained by more practice and more information passed along by the radio station.