Aldridge Sawmill

Story by Jessica Cervantez

It was once a place a community was built upon. Today, it no longer is, but one significant piece of the community is still here, the Aldridge Sawmill.

John Ippolitto, Forest Archaeologist said, "the sawmill was established in 1906 by Aldridge and his brother, usually started with a sawmill in the Neches, then built a mill in this spot."

Now, all that's left of the Aldridge Sawmill is a fraction of the building.

Ippolitto said, "a major fire in 1911 made the sawmill go through reconstruction and that reconstruction left the saw mills that we have today. At its peak, the mill was cutting 100,000 or more feet of timber a day."

Fifteen hundred people once lived in this community that is often called a ghost town.

"An entire community lived here in less then a generation. It started, it peaked, it ended in less than 20 years. Just from the fact that the buildings leave an eerie sense, breezes always blowing, kind of spooky," Ippolitto added. "Really, the buildings are as they were left in 1920, when they pulled everything out, except for the graffiti."

If you look closely, you may find another treasure.

Ippolito said, "only way the equipment could be removed, because there were no doors is by knocking holes in the wall and this hole kind of took on the shape of Texas. It is well off the beaten path, you have got to want to come here to get here."

Once you get there you may be amazed at what you see.