Ida becomes rainmaker, warnings discontinued

GULF SHORES, Ala. (KTRE) - Scattered power outages are reported, but otherwise the remains of Tropical Storm had much of an impact along the Gulf Coast. The storm has weakened, becoming a tropical depression, as tropical storm warnings were discontinued from Louisiana to Florida.

The storm hit coastal Alabama this morning with rain and gusty winds, but those winds are getting weaker. Top sustain winds from Ida are clocked at 45 miles an hour. From the Alabama mainland, Ida is expected to turn eastward and follow the Florida Panhandle.

Tropical storm warnings are in effect across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. On Alabama's Dauphin (DAH'-fin) Island, the storm has left some debris and standing water in the streets. But aside from power outages, residents say the storm hasn't had much of an impact.

A hotel desk clerk near the Florida state line says Ida was more like a thunderstorm than a hurricane as it came ashore.

According to KTRE's sister station WSFA in Montgomery, Tropical storm Ida came ashore on Dauphin Island near Mobile Bay with 45-miles per hour winds. The major concern for residents along the Gulf Coast and Southeast is flooding. The storm has poured inches of heavy rainfall with high winds, especially in low-lying areas, that governors of Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida have issued a State of Emergency. The warning has only been issued just in case a quick response to the storm is needed. No damage from the storm has been reported.

We'll have updates on now tropical depression Ida on KTRE's East Texas News and here at throughout the day.

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