Lufkin meat market reports good first weekend of deer season

By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - There may be a recession going on, but you won't be able to tell by the deer meat coolers stacked at Lufkin's Massingills Meat Market.

"We weren't certain what to expect this year with the economy and all, but it's been another banner year for us," Owner Chris Ward said. "Everybody's been real good to us and the economy hasn't seem to hurt us deer hunters."

Even 5-year-old Bosten Oliver brought his first kill to be processed.

"I was going to think to put him by my dad's deer," he said.

Today he's at Massingills, proud of the deer he helped his dad shoot.

"We got a pretty decent 8-point, second time around," Clay Oliver said. "I missed one the first time around."

It's customers like the Olivers that make Ward thankful.

"It's good to know that a lot of our customers we see during season," Ward said. "That's the meat that they eat all year and it's good to see them come back every year."

"You know people have to, they need a get-away and hunting is a good get-away regardless of what the economy looks like," Clay Oliver said.

And although most are proud of their game, Ward knows that's not the only reason they hunt.

"Not everybody's hunting just horns," Ward said. "A lot of our customers, that's the meat that they eat."

It doesn't matter what you want -- deer steak, sausage, or hamburger -- this place is glad to help because hunters like this keep them right on target.

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